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What is the best workout plan for a beginner?

Before starting a new workout program, it is essential to take a step back, determine personal fitness goals, and consider your baseline. This is all part of the preparation process needed to successfully make a behavioral change, such as starting a new workout program.

If you are preparing to begin a workout program and are just getting back into exercise, it is crucial to maintain the following workout tips:

Make sure you are cleared to exercise – Before beginning any exercise program, it is important that your primary care physician cleared you to exercise. Don’t have a physician?  Think about finding one and starting regular annual visits with your primary care physician to prioritize your health and wellbeing. Getting an annual physical is an excellent step towards managing your health and can make it easier to get the “all clear” to begin an exercise program.

Determine your baseline goal – It is important to know what you hope to accomplish by the exercise program. Is your goal related to weight loss or increasing muscular strength and endurance? Make sure to identify your goal before jumping into a schedule so that you maximize your efforts and work efficiently towards your goals. Your goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-specific) 

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